Limited Healthcare FSA - Navia

How the Limited Healthcare FSA can help you

The Limited Healthcare FSA can help you reduce taxable income by setting aside money from each paycheck — before taxes — to pay for eligible dental and vision expenses. This FSA pairs with your Health Savings Account (HSA). This benefit is only offered to benefit-eligible employees.

Here are some ways the Limited Healthcare FSA can help you:

  • Setting aside a portion of your pay in the Limited Healthcare FSA reduces your annual taxable income and helps you pay for out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses.
  • The Limited Healthcare FSA works in conjunction with your Health Savings Account.
  • It covers you, your spouse, and eligible dependents!
  • There are hundreds of eligible expenses for tax-free purchase with your Limited Healthcare FSA funds. Some common eligible expenses include doctor’s office copays, deductibles, routine dental and eye care, glasses and contacts, dental and vision surgeries, and orthodontics.
  • Your Limited Healthcare FSA funds are available on your Navia Benefits Debit Card. Just swipe your card at any participating merchant to avoid filing a claim and waiting for reimbursement. Get more information about your Navia Benefits Debit card here.
  • Your Limited Healthcare FSA plan offers a carryover feature. This feature allows you to roll over a portion of your unused FSA funds at the end of the plan year.
  • Check out our Limited Healthcare Benefit Guide for more information.